• Functional terry products with new user-friendly comfort „DRY in WET“ excellent absorbency warm comfort fast drying  less bulkiness
  • Natural Cotton
  • Luxury non-iron bed linen „Art Print“
  • Luxury terry Towels
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Župan Prowell
Župany Rommy - Prowell
Osušky Prowell
Prowell - nápis

prowell revolution in bathroom seda cernaPAPILLONS company is introducing to the market a new patented product development of Czech companies – a functional terry cloth, Prowell. Prowell is exceptional for its unique design and the use of two different materials - cotton and polyester, which have new improved features to our fabric and a new user-friendly comfort "DRY in WET"..

Main advantages are:

  • excellent absorbency
  • warm comfort
  • fast drying
  • less bulkiness

Prowell products, especially bathrobes and towels are recommended whenever a person comes into contact with water, wants to wipe and keep a pleasant feeling of dryness and warmth. The products are suitable for the beach, the pool, the wellness, spas, rehabilitation centers, and also contribute a good mood at home after every day bathing. A new design with very low loops with less bulkiness, which you will appreciate not only when travelling.

The basis of our offer for the hotel sectors are

  • Popular kimono style bathrobes and classic bathrobes with shawl collar (400 g/m2)
  • Sauna skirts for men and women (400 g/m2)
  • Bath towels 70x140 cm and 70x180 cm with weaved “Prowell” in diagonal border (500 g/m2)

Prowell consumer series

  • Rommy, luxury bathrobes with shawl collars and decorative piping
  • Paris, a new range of bathrobes with short sleeves and hoods
  • Freeway, multifunctional unfolded robes
  • Hooded baby bathrobes and ponchos
  • Hooded baby towels


Material composition

65% Cotton + 35% Polyester

Praní při maximální teplotě 60 °C - normální postup.Výrobek se nesmí bělit.Výrobek se může sušit v bubnové sušičce při normální teplotě.Výrobek se nesmí žehlit.Výrobek se nesmí chemicky čistit.(beleni povolenoonly white )

Quality and certificates

The unique design of functional terry cloth Prowell is protected by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic, which is listed under number 23466. Our company is the exclusive manufacturer of woven yardage and piece goods - towels. Currently underway steps are to ensure international protection. Under the number 323422, which is also a registered Prowell trademark.

The Prowell products have approved Certificate, "PROFESSIONAL TEXTILE", about its suitability for repeated, industrial
washing and brand QZ documented Czech quality health and safety suitability for children under three years of age.