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We present you our collection of a brand new product WA-TER, which is a Hi-Tec and state-of-the-art product combining the advantages of waffle-weave and terry.

Due to its character, exceptionality and exclusivity, this product is designed for higher class hotels and guest-houses, wellness studios and relaxation centres, as a bathroom programme for the demanding customer.

.wa-ter wa-ter-1wa-ter-wellness

End-use properties:

Softness, exceptional absorbency, high strength, excellent towelling ability, massage effects, wide possibilities of combining both materials.

Material composition:

100% cotton, high quality combed yarns

Care instructions:  Praní při maximální teplotě 60 °C - normální postup.Výrobek se nesmí bělit.Výrobek se může sušit v bubnové sušičce při normální teplotě.Výrobek se nesmí žehlit.Výrobek se nesmí chemicky čistit.

Styles and sizes on offer:

Hand- and Bath-towels 50x90, 65x130, 95x150, 95x180 cm
Wash-gloves and Face-cloths, Bathmats, Bathrobes

wa-ter Hand- and Bathtowelswa-ter Bathmatswa-ter and vaffle Bathrobes

Collection based on luxury product WA-TER also consists of high quality waffle and terry goods coordinated in same colors.


Katalogue wa-ter (pdf), Flier wa-ter (pdf)

A special rubbing material with massage effects and high absorbency, low weight and quick drying. A slight disadvantage may be limited designing possibilities.

A universal drying material for households and institutions, voluminous and absorbent, with plentiful possibilities of designs and effects.